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Is a casual chic fashion line for mothers and daughters. For every eye catching yet feminine print, there is one set of women and girls’ styles, to be mixed and matched: be it a dress, a blouse, a tunic, or a skirt; which can be purchased together or separately.

We focus on classy yet comfortable styles, which can be worn for any circumstance, from the office to the beach for mummies, and classroom to birthday parties for little girls.

Coordinated, not copy-conform styles: in each set, the designs use the same fabric, but not the same cut, as the mothers and daughters have different shapes and needs.

We exclusively use high quality, 100% cotton fabrics with a luxurious sateen finish, which are both extremely soft and resistant (even for lining) and allow the clothes to be machine washed and ironed (making mummies’ life easier).

Each style is produced in limited quantity, by a small family- owned taylor shop, and hand checked to guarantee high quality.

Beautiful lightweight towels inspired by the Pescamel towel, essential in the traditional Turkish Hammam bath.

Choose your Hammamas from a kaleidoscope of fabulous vibrant colours. Perfect holiday and travel towels that double as a beach wrap and sarong. Hammamas also make stunning bath towels. Super compact: simply roll up and put in your bag.

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Pinstripe is a design consultancy based in Hong Kong under the creative directorship of Catherine Garrett.

At Pinstripe we have a simple philosophy – that good design gives us pleasure and enhances our lives through products or interiors that look beautiful and work well. Combining this with traditional skills and technical expertise, we have designed a range of upholstery and luxe homewares for you to enjoy every day.  All our collections are made by hand with a meticulous attention to quality.


Kara Krystal is a collection of jewellery designed by Yvette Robeck, inspired by natural crystals and gems known for their healing properties known to help to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression when placed in one's home or when worn.

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The Little Door is a small toy store. We handpicked our toys in Japan.

All our products are well-desighned and built with safety in mind. They are all great to the touch thanks to the high quality to the materials used to make them.

Above all, they all have excellent play value for kids to enjoy playing with them time and time again.

The Little Door